The year 1995 was an impetus for ACSET in becoming a trusted company in the construction sector. ACSET, initially established as a specialist in foundational works, has now managed to expand its expertise in the field, while diversifying to systematic demolition, skyscraper construction, civil engineering, and the country’s infrastructure. Not stopping there, ACSET completes its projects while emphasizing on innovation and building up an image of an industry front-runner.

For more than two decades in contributing to the nation, ACSET always earns its customers’ trust in building prestigious projects. With this, ACSET has written its name in several glorious achievements as a contractor that built the deepest foundation and the tallest structure in Indonesia. Building on these accomplishments, ACSET is not resting on its laurels, and continue to motivate itself to endlessly reach higher in many years to come.

ACSET’s integrity and commitment to achieve the best are supported by its vision to be an integrated construction company, providing integrated construction services to its customers. This is a very important key for ACSET to create significant breakthroughs time after time through innovation, especially by prioritizing the customers’ interests as its partners.

This vision goes in hand with ACSET’s spirit that always strives for diversification and internal value chain, both within the company and externally to the larger Astra Group. ACSET continuously nurtures and supports positive development of subsidiaries in their respective industry sectors, symbolizing ACSET’s group synergy in a strong value chain. ACSET, through its subsidiaries, provides various foundation construction equipment, both for sale and lease, concrete machinery, tower crane, passenger hoist and crane, procurement and installation of formwork system, and as contractor in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works.

ACSET steadfast in principles that cannot be detached from one another: safety and quality. ACSET holds to these two principles, making them the basic standard in providing construction services to the customers. Through these two principles also, ACSET has emerged in the industry as a unique player, growing and developing to excellence with a characteristic unseen in its competitors.

Safety is first and foremost a crucial element. This principle has never missed ACSET’s close attention, driving ACSET to continuously strive for work safety with zero accidents. Additionally, safety is meaningless without premium quality. ACSET is convinced that by applying these principles, the clients can also rely on ACSET to deliver. As time progresses, these two principles are applied along with time precision and completion. Without adherence to safety and quality, there is no way for ACSET to complete its projects in due course. ACSET writes its success stories only by holding these important principles true.

For ACSET, quality management and customer satisfaction are not limited in theoretical perspectives only, but have manifested through ISO certification 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO 14001:2004 since the year 2007.

ACSET is always stimulated in its mission to contribute, provide value-added, and create significant success to the clients and the people of ACSET. Human beings remain ACSET’s most valuable assets, both the customers and the employees. This lays the basis for ACSET’s harmonious relationship with the customers. “Building trust and partnership” is ACSET’s motto in building positive partnership with other stakeholders, believing that harmonious relationship with customers will be the building block for ACSET’s future progressive growth.

With Astra Group and United Tractors Group, ACSET implements the “Portfolio-People-Public Contribution” (3P) roadmap through implementation of corporate social responsibilities with its four pillars: BAKTI Lingkungan, BAKTI Mandiri, BAKTI Pendidikan, and BAKTI Kesehatan. Every pillar signifies a different focus area, including the environment, productive economic activities, education, and health respectively, with consistent and active realization in various projects’ vicinities and the head office. ACSET will keep contributing to the nation’s prosperity and welfare.

ACSET became a publicly-listed company in 2013, requiring it to balance the interests of customers, profitability, good corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. ACSET has implemented principles of GCG in driving the Company’s business success through good business ethics. Until today, ACSET has maintained compliance with all capital market regulatory bodies, ensuring disclosure of information regularly, to uphold principles of transparency, accountability, and responsibility to all stakeholders.

ACSET’s present success stories are inseparable from the role of all stakeholders related to its business activities. For this reason, and on behalf of PT Acset Indonusa Tbk, allow me to express our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders for the trust and support that have been given to the Company. The Company also expresses its deepest appreciation to all people of ACSET for their best performance and dedication in supporting the Company’s business and to allow the corporate growth vision to manifest. We all believe that with strong and continuous support from all parties, along with the Astra Group and United Tractors Group, ACSET can reach its vision as The Largest Private Construction Company in 2020.



With kind regards,

Idot Supriadi
President Director