PT Innotech Systems

PT Innotech Systems, established in 2011, is PT Acset Indonusa Tbk's subsidiary that has the expertise in formwork and bekisting work. There are two systems of formwork provided by PT Innotech: Xinggang Formwork System (China) and Ulma Formwork System (Spain). Several projects that are supported by formwork assistance from PT Innotech System are Senopati District 8, Green Pramuka and Thamrin Nine.

PT Sacindo Machinery

Established in 2013, PT Sacindo Machinery is PT Acset Indonusa Tbk's subsidiary that provided rental services of heavy equipments originating from China. It is PT Sacindo's vision to become reliable partner in heavy equipments rental services. PT Sacindo provides numerous equipments, ranging from foundation machinery, drilling rig, diaphragm wall grab, pile driver, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, foundation crane, and mining truck. Nowadays, PT Sacindo Machinery has actively operated in Indonesia's two big cities, Jakarta and Surabaya.

PT Aneka Raya Konstruksi Mesindo

Considering the specific necessity in high-rise projects, in 2014 ACSET establishes PT Aneka Raya Konstruksi Mesindo, or frequently called as ARKM. As an answer for ACSET's necessity in high-rise projects, ARKM provides tower crane and passenger hoist, both for sales and rental services. ARKM has participated in several projects, such as Setiabudi SkyGarden, Centennial Tower, Satrio Office, District 8 and Harris Hotel. To this day, ARKM has developed in its respective expertise with constantly upholding its bargaining position in the market and striving with competitiveness spirit.

PT ATMC Pump Services

Established in 2014, PT ATMC is PT Acset Indonusa Tbk's youngest joint venture partnership. PT ATMC provides construction equipments rental services, particularly for concrete pump. PT ATMC is now actively supporting ACSET's projects completion, especially in supplying the increasing demand of concrete pump equipments.

PT Bintai Kindenko Engineering Indonesia

PT Bintai Kindenko Engineering Indonesia, which is established in 2012, or frequently called as PT BINKEI, is PT Acset Indonusa Tbk's associate entity. PT BINKEI has an expertise in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP). In 2015, PT BINKEI has successfully been trusted to participate in the first Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project in Indonesia, in which PT BINKEI is in charge to complete 4 stations: Bundaran Senayan, Istora Senayan, Bendungan Hilir, and Setiabudi Station.

PT Acset Pondasi Indonusa

Established in 2016, PT Acset Pondasi Indonusa (API) is intended to strengthen ACSET's business pillar, specifically in foundation works. The establishment of API is a realization of ACSET's strategy to reinforce the Company's core strength since its founding. API is not solely a form of ACSET's commitment to become the leader in foundation specialist, but also as a part of the Company's effort to develop as a robust integrated contractor for its client. API's scope of work includes bore-piling works, diaphragm wall, and etc.

PT Dredging International Indonesia

As a newly established Joint Venture in 2017, PT Dredging International Indonesia (DII) is one of ACSET's initiatives to enrich its expertise and support the Company's business, specifically in dredging and reclamation activities. ACSET establishes DII in cooperation with Dredging International Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., (DIAP)--subsidiary of Dreding Environmental & Marine Engineering, NV (DEME).