Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept which aim is to facilitate a company in giving back to the community, environment and the stakeholders in order to carry out sustainable development. With the implementation of CSR programs, ACSET shows its commitment in not only to rely on the efforts to improve its business profit aspect, but also to be considerate to the impacts that may occur in social and environmental aspects that related to the Company’s policy and operational activities.

ACSET implements its CSR policy pursuant to Law No. 40 year 2007 Article 74. This law explains that the implementation of corporate social responsibility is aimed to establish harmonious relationship with the environment, values, norms and community’s culture. This commitment is not limited to the companies in Indonesia, but also a form of obligation for companies all around the world in its effort to strive for the sustainable development.

Starting from 2014 until today, ACSET has been actively executing its social responsibility to the Company’s surrounding environment, both in Head Office and Site Project. In determining corporate social responsibility activities, CSR department and Project Managers have to be able to assess the most prominent facility that is needed by the community. This effort is done due to different characteristic owned by each projects. Therefore, analytical thinking ability and to contemplate community’s need are very crucial to minimize the impact from project operational activity that has the possibility to disturb society daily activities.

ACSET’s social responsibility programs are divided into four main aspects. There are environment aspect, social and community aspect, labour practices aspect and occupational health and safety.