From the organization point of view, the Company consists of several hierarchical institution and Human Capital which has functions that are related to process, management, production, and implementation of policy as well as control towards the execution of business operation. In order to achieve the set target and implementation of management in compliance to the prevailing laws and regulations, the Company is required to implement Good Corporate Governance referring to specific parameters as indicator of whether the Company implements a good or bad management system.

The standards cover several basic principles such as transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness. In the implementation process, those basic principles summarize all aspects of operational activity in the Company, such as transparency in financial management by involving a good supervisory system, adjustment of procedure in the process of policy formulation, decision making as a form of accountability, and implementation of integrated programs outside business activity as a form of corporate social responsibility. The disclosure of GCG implementation will also be beneficial to all stakeholders in regards to detailed information disclosure on the development of GCG practices that have been implemented by the Company.