As a professionally-managed construction company, ACSET strives to implement its operational activity in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations. The implementation of GCG is the realization of the Company’s compliance and commitment. The Company observes the GCG as a foundation to realize business ethics practice in order to be a Good Corporate Citizen, while also beneficial for maintaining the Corporate sustainability in the future. The objectives of GCG implementation are as follows:

  • As a guideline for the Board of Commissioners in overseeing and giving suggestions to the board of Directors in managing the Company;
  • As a guideline for the Directors to implement daily activities in accordance with high moral value by considering the Articles of Association, business ethics, and other prevailing laws and regulation;
  • As a guideline for the Company’s management and employees in implementing daily activities and duties in accordance with GCG principles.

In order to provide maximum service to consumers, creating professionalism, having strong competitiveness spirit, and creating added value for all stakeholders, the Company is consistently committed to implement GCG principles.

All individuals in the Company has committed to implement GCG principles based on Corporate Cultures, such as consumer satisfaction oriented, proactive towards change in business environment, honest, positive thinking and highly dedicated, hard working and discipline by prioritizing the Company’s interest, always improve professionalism in order to reach Company's added value. This Corporate Values have been implemented in all level of the Company which one also the Company’s code of conduct thus all individuals in the Company already has the same standard and reference in achieving comprehensive objectives of the Company’s GCG implementation.