ACSET believes that a sustainable success is not only made possible through financial achievements, but also by fostering a sustainable society. Giving back to the community is the objective of ACSET’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Our CSR activities also help us reduce unfavorable environmental impacts from our operational activities. Our CSR activities include blood donation, maternal and child health center, scholarships, RPTRA, school aid donation, specialized skills training, integrated farming skills, trees and mangrove plantation and restoration. We also support local communities’ activities, such as fogging and providing clean water supply.

Bakti Pendidikan

Aligned with the first Corporate Philosophy, "To be an Asset to the Nation", ACSET believes that by its corporate social responsibility in education, ACSET can be helpful and prosper together with the natio...

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Bakti Lingkungan

As a construction company, ACSET is aware that the Company’s business activities will directly affect environmental sustainability, both near the project sites and in the head office. To prevent any negative im...

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Bakti Kesehatan

Bakti Kesehatan is the one that drives ACSET's corporate social responsibility activities in the field of health. ACSET has committed to execute its corporate social responsibility for health services as a form o...

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