Bakti Lingkungan

As a construction company, ACSET is aware that the Company’s business activities will directly affect environmental sustainability, both near the project sites and in the head office. To prevent any negative impact from the business activities, as well as a form of ACSET’s commitment and responsibility for the environment in terms of prevention and counter-measurement, ACSET strives to contribute to environmental preservation activities in the Company's operational areas vicinity.

Besides executing external activities, in addition, internal environmental impacts handling that has been realized through the establishment of a mechanism based on the prevailing rules and regulations, is also part of ACSET’s focus. This emphasis is aimed to establish an initial foundation to realize the vision of green construction that is currently planned by ACSET to maximize its role in order to deliver integrated effort for a sustainable development.

ACSET’s CSR implementation in environment aspect is conducted based on Astra Green Company (AGC) and Astra Friendly Company (AFC) policy, which are part of the CSR implementation criteria. AGC and AFC are the part of Public Contribution that represents Astra Group’s commitment to become good corporate citizen by preserving the environment and also, at the same time, is aimed to be implemented in Astra Group’s corporate planning and strategy in a whole. AGC demonstrates Astra Group’s commitment in managing its environment that includes resources efficiency management, waste management, green-house gas emission, and so on. Meanwhile, AFC contains Astra Group’s strategic directions for stakeholders handling that include society in company’s operational area and direction for implementing the CSR activities.

Several CSR activities under Bakti Lingkungan pillar are:
1. Fogging in project areas
2. Tress plantation program
3. Green village
4. Environmental development (improvement in facilities and infrastructures)
5. Mangrove conservations