Bakti Kesehatan

Bakti Kesehatan is the one that drives ACSET's corporate social responsibility activities in the field of health. ACSET has committed to execute its corporate social responsibility for health services as a form of its concern for society that still has limited access for health services. Besides, ACSET has also motivate itself based on the effort to prevent the impact of the Company's operational activity that may affect the society's health condition, especially for them who are located surrounding the site project area.

ACSET perceives that with handling health support thus it will create healthier and more prosperous society. Through the enhancement of health facilities, specific health socialization until blood donation, ACSET believes that Indonesian people will achieve better health standard in the future.

ACSET corporate social responsibility activities under Bakti Kesehatan pillar are:
1. Community health services
2. Enhancement of Maternal and Child Health Center quality
3. Blood donation