Bakti Mandiri

CSR programs are designed to provide a space for the company to develop not merely focusing to improve in economic aspect, but also for development social aspect and for the community in the surroundings of operational area. This initiative takes place as an indicator for a successful sustainable development measurement.

To achieve such goal, ACSET is expected to take strategic and guided actions which are implemented in clear steps. ACSET must be able to adapt within its environment through specific approaches and to contribute in social and community sector by conducting both activities and donation for vital and long-terms needs of the people. The fulfillment of such necessities are expected to improve the people's welfare, thus through mutual relationship, society that surrounds the company shall support ACSET's growth and development.

ACSET has been contributing in efforts to empower the people by providing supports for various vital necessity of communities, particularly for the communities in the project area surroundings that become the main priority for the supports. The activities are as follows:
1. Integrated farming system
2. Hard skills training
3. Development of micro enterprise